White Antique Brass Jar

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Experience the perfect blend of luxury and elegance with our brass boxes. These exquisite creations marry the opulence of timeless allure of brass, resulting in functional art pieces that captivate the senses. Each box is meticulously crafted, with the smoothness against the warmth of brass detailing. Whether used for storing your cherished possessions or as a sophisticated decorative element, our brass boxes create a harmonious connection between classic materials, adding a touch of refinement to any space. Elevate your surroundings with these stunning pieces that embody the essence of sophistication and beauty.
This piece has been preserved and protected over the years. Imperfections are the hallmark and beauty of handcrafted products. Minor black marks and scratches are part of the process of making brass, copper and kansa products. We do not accept returns for such minor marks and hope you embrace the beauty and accept them in their raw form

PRODUCT TYPE : Storage Jar

MATERIAL :  Brass, Bone

COLOR: White

MEASUREMENTS : Height - 4 inches , Width - 4 inches , Diameter - 4 inches

CRAFT : Antique Brass with intricate, hand-etched ornamentation..

PRODUCT CARE: - Brass will tarnish over time and that is its charm.
Clean using Brasso/ Dhara liquid polish with soft cotton cloth. Dry properly with soft cotton cloth.

SPECIAL ATTENTION - This piece is crafted by hand; slight variations may be in colour, pattern, and size. Cherish it for its individuality, as no two pieces are completely alike. These products are handmade and can have slight human errors. 

SHIPPING AND RETURNS  -  Dispatched in a maximum of 30 business days. Please  however, this may be slightly longer during particularly busy periods. Please be assured our customer service department will keep you updated at all times on the progress of your order. You will receive an email notification once your order has been dispatched.

RETURNS: All our Home category products are not eligible for any refund/return/exchange.