C_Care Guide

For Rattan Products-

Keep dry. Spot clean only with a soft, white cloth. Use a soft bristle brush to clean dirt accumulated between the weave. Dry in sunshine only if required.





For Ceramics- 

Wipe with soft, dry cloth.





Brass and kauna

Apart from the well-known health benefits, Kansa and Brass has a history that stretches back several thousand years in India. Skilled artisans use ancient techniques to sand cast tableware, which is hammered & burnished to add warm lustre to the sculptural objects.

Kansa finds a mention in several Ayurvedic texts where eating out of it is believed to enhance intellectual and healing powers.

CARE TIPS: Clean your vessels

immediately after you use them. Soak a soft sponge in tepid water, apply mild detergent and gently rub your vessel clean. You can also use natural home remedies to clean your metalware, such as gently rubbing it with a mixture of tamarind, lemon and salt.